So we are in the middle of looking for another apartment because our current living arrangement is really not working out, Julie and I and 4 other roommates in one apartment. I really enjoy love looking for apartments but today I saw a 2 bedroom and let me say that the second the door opened I wanted to leave. In these types of situations all you can do is just go on and think happy thoughts. I have many other viewings lined up and I hope that the one this afternoon is going to be amazing. I am using the image above as an inspiration for the future and that we only have to rent for the time being.

Image: Rachael Grad via Apartment Therapy 

Becoming Our Little Press

Hello to anyone whom reads this. I think I have started a blog maybe three times before without having any discipline to continue it. So I write this blog post to you all as an introduction to Our Little Press, myself and my life. To be honest I am not sure what exactly this blog is suppose to be, what it is going to become/develop into or what may come from having it, but let the journey begin. Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Karol (pronounced Karl, I get that all the time), I am currently living in Ottawa with my wonderful fiancee Julie. There are many new things that are on the horizon in our lives at the current moment (which I will be sharing as they come up) and for this little company that we have Our Little Press. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you come back.


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